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I am a part of writers academy. I accept freelance writing jobs. You may view my published article for Travelista here:


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Digital Marketing Services

I currently work for a US-based tech company that offers digital services. They recently decided to close their offshore services. I am taking this as an opportunity to transition to a full time freelance writer starting November 2018 to pursue my passion for travelling.

Click here to view our CEO's message regarding our closure: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/thankon-next-adventure-cary-levine/

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A Shoutout from one of our Valued Clients!

My team and I worked with this client who was unsatisfied with her overall experience with our company. With all our efforts, we thankfully turned her experience around. Shout out to Maria. View her website here: https://www.berakhotitalianfashion.com/about-us

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About Me

Travel has changed the way I see life. It has shaped me and my words for the better. My horizon is wider and it moves at the speed of my pen.

I am a travel enthusiast from the Philippines. I started taking my passion seriously in 2014. Since then I have been to most of the sought after destinations of the Philippines and have also travelled internationally to different Asian countries.

In between my travels, I have worked as a BPO Agent for US and Australian based companies. Since early 2017, I have been working for a tech company as a Digital Marketing Supervisor.

I am a very good Digital Marketing Specialist which includes, but not limited to, website management, Social Media management and marketing, Content Writing, and SEO best practices.


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